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Last update: 2010-06-21

End: 2011-01


PulseAudio echo cancellation

The project aims to extend the PulseAudio sound server to support echo cancellation technologies needed to be able to do high quality VoIP conferencing.

With the growing popularity of VoIP and videoconferencing, the issue of echo cancellation on the Linux desktop is growing in importance. The Linux audio layer has long been a struggling beast with a lot of competing solutions, all of them with their own set of flaws. Thanks to the increased resources put into the media layers by Linux distribution vendors, it seems that a combination of ALSA and PulseAudio is emerging as the standard sound system layer, with GStreamer being the de-facto application writers interface. Therefore the natural place to put a system wide echo cancellation would be in the Pulse Audio sound server.

Development tasks:

  • Implement echo cancellation ALSA test application
  • Implement PulseAudio audio filter infrastructure
  • Implement echo cancellation for PulseAudio
  • Enable echo cancellation in Empathy Desktop linux

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