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[ODF for Symbian OS -- concluded on 2009/06/01]

As more and more governments are adopting ODF --some of them even as the obligatory document format-- it is disappointing that no open source viewer for Symbian OS or other mobile systems exists. (Symbian OS is the leading smartphone operating system in Europe, with a market share of about 80%)

This project is aimed to support and release the source code of Mobile Office under a license like GPL3/LGPL3.

The following will be supported by the funding:

  • create an appropriate project under e.g Google Code, Sourceforge or other
  • release Mobile Office's source code under an appropriate license
  • add end-user documentation about Mobile Office as html and/or pdf pages as well as help content integrated into the application itself.
  • finish up some remaining stuff to make it compatible with some changes done by, e.g. in relation to encryption of documents.


Send in your ideas.
Deadline June 1st, 2020.


Last update: 2008/09/14