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Last update: 2010-06-21


ODF Software Recipes

This project demonstrates what ODF libraries can do (and how) and helps attract users to them. For programmers and users ODF ODF is a great solution, and the projec thelps by showing its effectiveness and simplicity compared to legacy formats such as binary office formats and OOXML.

The result of the project is a platform where any ODF library developer can upload its own library and benefit from this suite of recipes. Practically, such a project entails the opening of a wiki grouping cookbooks and recipes to perform defined tasks in those libraries. But instead of separating each library with its own pages, we'll compare them to perform the same task. Emulation... Pros and cons of each approach will be exposed.

The developers of these libraries could compare its API with the other ones and find ideas to improve and complement it.

Run by Itaapy.

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