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Last update: 2008-09-14

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ODF load and save in KOffice

KOffice has long had a strong OpenDocument implementation, the main implementation outside the famous OpenOffice. In KOffice version 2, the text engine was upgraded to support more features and to support anonymous properties inside the text engine. This project aims to make KWord ready for release based on the new text engine.

The new text engine requires that large parts of the existing ODF loading need to be reworked. The main task is therefore to make the ODF loading and saving code work as good (or even better) than with the latest stable release (1.6.3). To reach this goal, automated tests based will be created based on existing collection of ODF test-documents.

The ODF-testsuite is available with an open licensing model, but is hardly used by any vendors. One reason for this is the amount of manual labor to load each test and visually confirm the on screen version is according to spec. The second problem is that the results are open to interpretation.

The main project goal is to import relevant tests from the test-suite. This is estimated to contain around 100 tests. There will be a framework to load each test and code that tests if the loading succeeded and thus if the test passed.

The second goal after this is to make a significant portion of the tests pass, which implies that KOffice can correctly load the ODF data. This goal includes implementing features in KWord that are required by ODF.

The third goal, is that KWord as an application is finalized to be releasable at the KOffice 2.0.0 release. This includes fixing bugs and polishing the user interface.

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