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Last update: 2016-03-14

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Network Operator Measurement Activity

The Network Operator Measurement Activity — NOMA — is exploring the possibility of developing operator-driven network health measurements. NOMA aims to establish a platform for collaboration on the initial definition, collection and dissemination of operator network measurements (self-instrumentation), with a goal of ensuring a better, shared understanding of what “good” Internet looks like. This will allow new networks brought online to determine that they are well aligned with that target, and will give operators a better sense of when their networks are healthy or underperforming.

Monitoring and measurement are essential to successful operation of a network. Each network operator holds a key piece of the puzzle of “how well is the Internet working?”. In an ideal future, there will be better, shared understanding of what “good” Internet looks like, so that it is possible to ensure that new networks brought online are well aligned with that target, and so that operators can have a better sense of when their networks are underperforming.

Getting there requires involvement of network operators to measure their own networks’ performance (self-instrument) and share some version of that information. NOMA will, through the collaboration of partner network operators, define an initial set of measurements to constitute the basic instrumentation of participating networks.



NOMA at the MAPRG meeting — July 2016. (You can watch the video of the MAPRG meeting delivery from the IETF YouTube channel - external site ).

Introducing NOMA — April 2016.

Whitepapers, reports

Report from the first NOMA workshop, June 2016.

Internet Measurements Landscape (2016): Systems, Approaches and a Comparative Framework, Whitepaper — Leslie Daigle & Phil Roberts (December 2016).

Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: Collaborative Data Collection and Internet Fitness, Whitepaper — Leslie Daigle (December 2016)

NOMA Data Measurements Project Template – DRAFT, December 2016