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Last update: 2010-09-17

End: 2013-01


Meemoo: hackable web apps

Meemoo is intended to lowering the threshold for app makers - ideally everybody should be able to create web apps.

When people think of an app, thy do not think of something that one can open, hack, and change how it works. Meemoo will give everybody this freedom. Meemoo is a framework that connects Open Source modules, powered by any web technology - it is a browser-based modular dataflow/patching framework. It all happens on the web, so it is easy to share a hacked app by copying the source code.

The way that the data flows from module to module is defined and visualized by colorful wires. It becomes simple like that: If you can connect a video player to a TV, you can program a Meemoo app.

The project will also build a community site for sharing, forking, and creating with Meemoo apps. The site will also be open source, so schools and other organizations can set up their own open or closed version. The site will be built on Unhosted/ownCloud for maximum data portability.