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This project aims to develop a open web-based office suite and offer it online for everybody to use, free of charge. Contrary to GoogleDocs leaving users in control of the documents they author with it. Using Unhosted it will separate user data from the application. Libre Docs is a perfect proof of concept for Unhosted. It will help the Unhosted project evolve from a conceptual phase to proven technology, after which many more applications can follow this successful path.

There are three distinguishing advantages to applications like Google Docs. It is free and thus allows the technology to evolve freely, without generating lock-in and monopolies. The Unhosted web architecture is better than hosted software because it separates user data from applications. It is storing the data in a location that is chosen by the user and not at the premises of an application provider, leading to better privacy control and security.

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Project of Max Wiehle, Germany.