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Last update: 2009-05-25

Jingle Nodes

[Jingle relay nodes — concluded]

One of the main goals of the first version of the Jingle Protocol was to create a P2P enabled protocol, depending on XMPP for routing but at the same time able to negotiate sessions and exchange content without main proxy servers. After 5 years we still don't have implementations which supported the current specifications in full.

SIP on the other hand, is not very efficient and simple to use for P2P connections, but is widely deployed. It is much simpler to install and, although with higher costs, does provide media connectivity.

"Jingle Nodes" simplifies the erection of (public) relays, It also makes every buddy in your contact list a potential Node.

An additional positive aspect is that a client does not need to run its own Relay Node, but only configure its "usage specification" (no more than two or three pages), as the application runs on the server side.

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