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Last update: 2008-11-09

End: 2011-01


JigLib to JavaScript for use with WebGL

JigLib is an open source 3D rigid body physics engine. So far, most of the web browser implementations of this technology (including open source libraries such as Papervision3d and the ARToolkit) are reliant on closed source 3rd party plugins (Flash, Silverlight, Unity3D etc.). The project will create an open source, community driven port of JigLib to JavaScript for use with WebGL, thus providing a portable API for linking to other WebGL JavaScript libraries such as GLGE.

Within the project a demo application showcasing the potential of this library and of WebGL will be produced, this in order to stimulate interest and participation in the open source community. The major aims of this project are:

  • to prove the use of WebGL as a viable replacement for plugins.
  • to help with the implementation of WebGL in browsers by providing regression and performance test results.
  • to stimulate growth in the Open Source community around WebGL by giving them a library and an attractive Demo to work with.
  • to attract and encourage contributors to WebGL by placing all source code and documentation in the public domain using the BSD license for both code and documentation.
  • to stimulate the use of the open standard WebGL (instead of closed solutions such as Flash, Silverlight etc.) by the web development community.
  • to facilitate innovation in 3D physics based UI design and interactivity online.

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