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Last update: 2016-03-14

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An open source implementation of 3G

OpenBSC is a project aiming to create a Free Software, (A)GPL-licensed software implementations for the GSM/3GPP protocol stacks and elements. OpenBSC was created by the Osmocom project, a not-for-profit, community-driven project creating various FOSS projects related to mobile communications.

OpenBSC is not just a standard BSC, but a GSM network in a box software, implementing the minimal necessary parts to build a small, self-contained GSM network.

OpenBSC includes functionality normally performed by the following components of a GSM network: BSC (Base Station Controller), MSC (Mobile Switching Center), HLR (Home Location Register), AuC (Authentication Center), VLR (Visitor Location Register), EIR (Equipment Identity Register).

The open source OpenBSC project is both used for research purposes as well as in empowering rural communities to set up their own communication networks.

The project will add 3G support to OpenBSC to be used with off-the-shelf 3G components, creating the first open 3G stack that would allow anyone to set up their own experimental network.

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