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Last update: 2010-06-21

End: 2011-01


GSM Security Project, debugging GSM transactions

The popular GSM cell phone standard uses outdated security and provides much less protection than its increasing use in security applications suggests. This project aims to correct the disconnection between technical facts and security perception by creating a GSM tool that allows users to record and analyze GSM data.

This project complements several other current open research projects into GSM technology. These projects --including OpenBTS, OpenBSC, and OsmoconBB-- create open re-implementations of network equipment and hand sets to make the technology more accessible and open. It builds on these insights and shows the security limits of the technology. The feedback loop, however, goes both ways: the record and decode tool, for example, will allow the OpenBTS base station to operate on multiple frequencies thereby supporting more concurrent phone calls. The target audiences of the tools are security and radio researchers.

By Security Research Labs.

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