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The Commons Conservancy

Last update: 2016/04/15

The Commons Conservancy

[[The Commons Conservancy] -- concluded on ]

[The Commons Conservancy] is an initiative to provide a lightweight organisational structure for open project. Its mission is to strive towards a stable democratic and open global information society in which individuals can collectively scrutinise, reconfigure and improve upon any technology they depend on - unleashing and empowering human innovation at the widest possible scale, with the express intention to empower any individual to participate in all facets of social, cultural, economic and private life under conditions of his or her own choosing and with secure and reliable technology they can have full control over themselves.

The Commons Conservancy

The stichting will try to achieve its mission by facilitating the development and distribution of free and open technology (and everything relevant to make full use of that technology in the broadest possible sense), so it can be (re)used, studied, shared and modified by anyone without prior permission, contributing to retaining the privacy and autonomy of individuals without forcing them to make ethical compromises, be subject to social bias or fear for ones personal safety.

This project will be incorporated into a separate foundation that will facilitate virtual foundations in Q3 2016.