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Last update: 2007-10-08

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Open-Source software development for students in secondary education

Computer Science is a growing subject in secondary education (12-to-18-year old students). In 2007 it will become a core profile course for the Dutch high school curriculum. The CodeYard project aims to draw students to the production of Open Source Software (OSS). Students can use the infrastructure and expertise of the CodeYard project to produce OSS, which can be passed on to future generations of students. This should lead to a wider use of OSS.

Many projects stimulate the use of OSS in educational settings, but none of these projects engage the students at high schools in the design.

  • 2007-05-07: Two students of the `Koninklijk Lyceum Antwerpen' win the Capgemini Open Source Award 2007 with their `Game Designer'. more¬†>¬†>

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