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Last update: 2007-12-08

CAcert at NLUUG

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[by Teus Hagen, June 8 2005] At the NLUUG conference "Email and beyond" on May 26 2005, more than 100 attendees got validated as new CAcert Assurancees. A special corner in the exposition space was dedicated to do CAcert assurances and PGP signing, as NLUUG service to its member. Over one third of the attendees where in "The Web Of Trust" at the end of the day.

The next day, on May 27, NLnet sponsored a special KDE-PIM hackathon in Achtmaal and made sure that the major part of KDE developers made it to Assurer as well.

On the same day, NLnet CAcert assurers were present on a multi-media OSS event in the TOSti building in Tilburg. From now on, it is easy to get your CAcert validation done with a visit to the TOSti building.


CAcert is busy to collect information and OSS software guidelines for creating and accessing CAcert X.509 certificats on security devices as the GemPlus small sized smartcard and USB reader and the USB eToken of eAladdin.

The top three countries for listed assurers are: Germany (309), USA (255) and Holland (224). Translation of the CAcert web pages is nearly completed for 24 languages (English, German, and Dutch are ready). In the first week of July there will be an annual association membership meeting.

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