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Last update: 2006-08-16

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2005 activity overview

support for Bits of Freedom

[Maurice Wessling] BOF had an active year 2005. To list the major events:

4 February 2005: UNESCO
UNESCO recommendations on human rights and the Internet BOF participated actively in the drafting of the Dutch UNESCO recommendations on human rights and the Internet in preparation to the WSIS in Tunis.
1 April 2005: FAQ for p2p users
BOF published a legal advice to Dutch peer-to-peer users after the Dutch anti-piracy organisations Brein sent out claims for damages to anonymous users.
27 September 2005: Bits of Freedom speaks at Dutch Parliament
Bits of Freedom spoke about data retention at a hearing organised by Dutch Parliament.
23 November 2005: Petition against data retention
BOF worked long on an European petition against data retention in the second half of 2005. 58.000 signatures were presented to the European Parliament.

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