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Bits of Freedom

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About BOF

Bits of Freedom is a privacy and digital rights organisation. Major topics of concern to Bits of Freedom are; copyright, the balance between law enforcement and privacy, freedom of speech and spam.

Bits of Freedom is a not-for-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. BOF organises both public and closed events to promote its ideas, often in collaboration with other organisations. Amongst the events BOF organises is the annual presentation of the Big Brother Awards.

Being well aware that the world is bigger than the Netherlands, BOF helped to found a European coalition of privacy and civil rights organisations, European Digital Rights. EDRI produces a bi-weekly newsletter in English, called EDRI-gram.

NLnet supports the BOF newsletter

Bits of Freedom produces a two-weekly e-mail newsletter since 2003. The newsletter is written in Dutch and focusses on political and legal aspects of digital civil rights in the Netherlands. The newsletter is read by legal professionals, politicians, journalists and many concerned members of the public.

The BOF newsletter does not limit itself to internet related issues, but also deals with technology in a broader sense: biometrics, cctv, rfid, and drm.

In the past years the newsletter has seen a steady growth in the number of subscribers, which is now at 6500. The newsletter is sent through a mailinglist and archived at the BOF website. Bits of Freedom considers the newsletter not only as a means to inform the public about emerging issues, it also serves as a way to put developments on the agenda of journalists and politicians. Articles in the newsletter lead on a regular basis to media reports and initiatives in the Dutch Parliament ("questions to the minister").

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