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Last update: 2008-11-09

End: 2009-01


free 3D animation and compositing suite

There is currently no open source platform capable of delivering rich web content similar in scope and impact to Adobe Flash and Shockwave or Microsoft Silverlight. Creators and developers are tied to proprietary tools and software if they wish to create rich interactive content for online distribution and consumption. This creates a high barrier to entry in many countries the cost of Adobe software licenses can be more than a years salary for an artist --so only those individuals of wealth can make use of this communications medium.

This project is devoted to the development of the web plugin of the game engine, improve its security and resource utilization and add functionality, in general produce an end-to-end solution and open source platform capable of delivering 2d and 3d content of a richness and variety similar to that available in the propriety Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave plugins.