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Last update: 2006-05-09

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Bind-DLZ included in Bind 9.4

BIND 9 Dynamically Loadable Zones implementation

[On May 8 2006, Bind-DLZ author Rob Butler reports proudly:]
Well the secret is finally out: Bind 9.4 alpha 5 (announcement) is the first public release of Bind 9.4. If you look about half way down the list of new features you'll see "Integrate contributed DLZ code into named."

The way things are going to work is the DLZ and SDLZ API's which are the core of DLZ will be part of the official Bind source. The drivers however will be shipped as part of contrib and updated drivers will be available from the DLZ website. The DLZ site and mailing list will remain up and the focus point for DLZ related questions and support.

I'd like to thank Stichting NLnet again for sponsoring the DLZ project in the first place and helping to get it into Bind.

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