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Last update: 2006-05-09

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BIND 9 Dynamically Loadable Zones implementation

BIND DLZ (Dynamically Loadable Zones) allows zones to be added and removed from BIND 9 without restarting/ reloading/ reconfiguring the server. BIND can continue to operate and serve DNS data while that data is modified.

The goals of the BIND DLZ project are:

  • Allow BIND zone and record data to be stored in a database.
  • Allow adding / removing / modifying zones and records without interrupting BIND's normal operation.
  • Have changes required to support this capability be merged into BIND and not maintained as a separate patch.
  • Develop production level drivers for a variety of databases.

The DLZ Project is broken down into two parts:

  • Phase 1 made changes to BIND 9's existing code to support a new database interface (called DLZ), and also provided a driver (for the PostgreSQL database) using this new interface. The new interface allows BIND to query DLZ drivers and determine if it is authoritative for a zone.
  • Phase 2 continues with the development of additional DLZ drivers to support more database backends. Phase 2 will provide MySQL, File System, Berkeley DB, ODBC and LDAP drivers. With such a variety of drivers available DLZ can be configured and optimized to meet almost any need. Phase 2 will be completed by a full round of performance testing for each of the DLZ drivers.

Project BIND DLZ

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