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Last update: 2006-05-09

BIND-DLZ phase 2 completed

[BIND Dynamically Loadable Zones — concluded in 2005]

16 April 2004: DLZ phase 2 is completed with the release of a new high performance driver and performance tests for the plethora of drivers DLZ supports.

The new driver (BDBHPT) provides the highest performance yet for DLZ reaching a speed of 12,000 queries per second (QPS) in it's "private" mode, and 9,000 QPS in "concurrent" mode. Details of the testing process and the results are available on DLZ's website.

DLZ phase 2 is complete, but work continues on the DLZ project. After the release of Bind 9.3.0 DLZ will be migrated to support that version, and a Windows binary and installer will be out shortly afterwards.

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