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Last update: 2006-05-09

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DLZ version 0.6.0 released

BIND 9 Dynamically Loadable Zones implementation


DLZ-0.6.0 has just been released, and the website updated with new documentation for the LDAP driver. I highly recommend everyone using DLZ update to the new release asap.

Not only does this release include the LDAP driver and a custom LDAP schema, but also many important bug fixes.

Most important of those bug fixes involves properly handling DNS lookups in upper & lower case when using the File System and Berkeley DB drivers. Secondly the "near eof: ran out of space" error message should be virtually eliminated.

Performance testing is next on the list as all the major drivers are done now.

As always please beat DLZ up, find out if anything is broken and let me know about it.


Extract from the Changelog

  • Added LDAP driver & DLZ LDAP schema. Read the LDAP docs for specifics of how to use this driver. Like all the other drivers the LDAP driver was built to be as flexible as possible, and use of the DLZ LDAP schema is not required. It is simply supplied to make use of the DLZ LDAP driver easier.
  • Fixed the "case bug" for drivers which use the SDLZ driver filter. This affected all the drivers currently supplied with DLZ, but primarily caused a problem with the file system and Berkeley DB drivers. Now all host & zone information will be converted to lower case before it is passed to any of the ASCII based drivers.
  • Fixed the "near eof: ran out of space" bug for ASCII drivers. This message should almost never occur anymore. I modified the buffer initial_size algorithm to better estimate the needed buffer size in order to prevent the message. Even if the message does show up, DLZ will handle things properly internally by doubling the buffer size and trying again - as it always has.
  • Updated configure to perform better searching for Berkeley DB's headers/ libraries when the path is supplied. This should make building DLZ with the Berkeley DB driver easier on FreeBSD and other BSD based distributions.
  • Converted most of the docs to webpages. Originally all of DLZ's docs were text based. Once the new website went up the required all the docs to be maintained in two formats. This is more work, and may cause an inconsistency in the docs. For that reason all DLZ driver docs are now only available as HTML. In the future the remaining documentation will probably be converted to HTML and the text versions eliminated.

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