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Atom-Based Routing; Planning

8. Planning

First three months --- A Basic Atom-Based Router
In the first three months a basic atom-based router is implemented. This router is based on allocated atoms (Section 7.1). The work of the first period is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Refining and Releasing Atom Computation Scripts To get Patrick Verkaik started, we begin with documenting Andre Broido's existing Perl scripts for atom computation. These scripts are subsequently released.
  2. Implement Basic Atom-Based Router Next, we implement a basic atom-based router. The router is designed to work in the framework of Section 5.1, and can function as a transit or edge router. It uses existing router code (such as gated) wherever possible. Atoms are not yet computed; they are allocated (Section 7.1), since allocated atoms are more easily implemented.
  3. Release We release the implementation.
Next three months --- Advanced Atom-Based Router
In the next three months an advanced atom-based router is implemented. In particular atom computation will be addressed. The following steps are taken:
  1. Refine Atom Computation We review the above atom computation scripts with the aim of finding a scalable, realtime algorithm to compute atoms. One possible outcome is that atoms are initially computed as in the scripts (i.e. centralised and offline), but subsequently updated in a scalable, realtime way.
  2. The improved algorithm is implemented, and incorporated into the atom-based router.
  3. Evaluation We measure and evaluate the resulting atom-based router, comparing it to a standard BGP router. This could be done using an SSFnet simulation, with RouteViews as a data source to feed the simulation.
  4. Release We release the implementation.


8.1. Extension

Provided the outcome of the first six months is agreeable to all parties, we hope to extend the project for another six months. Ideas for the next six months are:

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Deadline June 1st, 2020.

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