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Atom-Based Routing

Published: 22 June 2002
Authors: Patrick Verkaik, kc claffy, Andre Broido, Evi Nemeth
     1. Introduction
2. Background --- CIDR
  2.1. Prefixes
  2.2. Aggregation and CIDR Benefits
  2.3. More Specifics and the Limitations of CIDR
3. Policy Atoms
  3.1. Definition of Policy Atoms
4. Atom-Based Routing
  4.1. Dimensions of Atom-Based Routing Protocols
  4.2. Benefits of Atom-Based Routing
5. Practical Deployment of Atom-Based Routing
  5.1. Atom-Based Routing Islands
  5.2. Disjunct Atom-Based Routers
  5.3. Atom Computation
6. Answers to Questions
  6.1. What about IP Version 6?
  6.2. Who Benefits from Atom-Based Routing?
  6.3. Aren't Routing Vendors Tackling these Problems?
7. Related Ideas
  7.1. Geoff Huston's Atoms
  7.2. Frank Kastenholz's Aggregates
8. Planning
  8.1. Extension
9. Project Members

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Atom-Based Routing
Project plan:
1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Policy Atoms
4. Atom-Based Routing
5. Practical Deployment
6. Answers to Questions
7. Related Ideas
8. Planning
9. Project Members
R. References
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