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Working towards a decentralised global internet that offers security and privacy by design.

The ARPA2 project is an ambitious attempt to make the internet work the way we all expect it to work: a distributed, secure and private infrastructure that serves as a solid basis for a global information society. The internet brought so many advantages that it grew explosively, but that unprecedented growth of an experimental infrastructure that had many (and sometimes intentional) fundamental weaknesses - in terms of e.g. scalability and more importantly of security - resulted in an ossified network that has a lot of technical debt accumulated. It takes a concerted effort to fix these holes and bring secure internet technologies towards real end-users and deep into the infrastructure where many important upgrades are waiting for adoption.

The ARPA2 project logo

ARPA2 is a set of coherent, longer term open source efforts thoughtfully engineering towards an overall architecture scalable to run the future internet that is secure by design. It brings together proven technologies, new insights and talented people to solve the hard challenges. NLnet supports ARPA2 from the Internet Hardening Fund, with support from the programme "[veilig] door innovatie" from the Netherlands government.

For a complete overview of projects visit the ARPA2 website.

ARPA2 is administered by: Internet Wide Organisation