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Last update: 2008-11-09

End: 2011-01


a pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file distribution protocol

Anomos introduces a layer of security and anonymity currently absent in peer to peer file sharing protocols. Through the study of cryptography and anonymous networks such as TOR, a system is being designed which allows any individual to safely distribute files to a large audience without fear of legal or social repercussions. This technology is an important part of modern free society, and a tool which may be used around the world to bring about positive social change. With Anomos, one can distribute the file anonymously to thousands of people at once. Because Anomos is based on BitTorrent, each download makes the network faster, more robust, and harder to eliminate.

This technology can benefit thousands of people all around the world, to those who live in religiously oppressive places, those to whom the mere accusation of apostasy or sexual deviance could be life threatening; to mash-up artists concerned about copyright infringement, or anyone fearful that their actions on the Internet may lead to unjust punishment. First and foremost, Anomos has been designed as a tool for free speech.