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AHA v2.0 Announced

Dear AH&H colleagues,

I am happy to announce the official release of AHA! version 2.0. AHA! is available from

AHA!, the Adaptive Hypermedia Architecture, is a general-purpose adaptive Web-based system, completely Open Source and implemented using Java Servlets. It is a fast engine performing adaptive link annotation or hiding and conditional inclusion of fragments.

The AHA! site offers a tutorial which is adaptive (using AHA! 2.0 of course).

Soon we will be announcing the first previews of AHA! 3.0 which is to be released later this year, when we iron out the bugs to make it fast and stable.

If you are thinking of performing research on AH applications, or you want to use AH in applications, but you don't want to develop your own system (which I can assure you is a lot of work!) you should look into AHA!. It may just offer all the features you need, and if not you are free to modify it (and tell us about it).

Happy adapting!
Paul De Bra and Natasha Stash.


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