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AHA! progress report April 9, 2002


The NLnet AHA! project has started on July 1, 2001. The current team consists of the following people:

In addition, supervision is provided by prof. dr. Paul De Bra, and when needed also by dr. Ad Aerts, dr. Lora Aroyo, dr. Licia Calvi, dr. ir. Alexandra Cristea and dr. ir. Geert-Jan Houben.

Progress (since previous report) up to this date

The status of the AHA! project as of April 9, 2002 is described below. It lists the items that have been realized or worked on since the previous progress report.

Future Milestones until June 30, 2002

Work on AHA! Version 2.0 will continue, and result in a "final" release on June 30, 2002. Below we list the items that will be included in AHA! 2.0, and the status of their development.

Project Year 2 / Towards AHA! Version 3.0 and Beyond

The original project plan for the AHA! project was to first (phase 1) design and implement a generic, open, adaptive engine, building on the AHA! 1.0 engine. We planned to extend the AHA! engine to enable the presentation and adaptation of documents from external sources and to allow links to composite objects. We also planned the development fo authoring tools. Development that was planned for the second year (phase 2) included support for richer user models and page constructors.

During the study of AHA! 1.0 by several AHA! researchers the following design and project decisions were taken:

A consequence of these design decisions is that the items that are left for year 2, from the initial project plan, are now different. Also, the need for new items has come up during the research. The current plans for research and development on AHA! in the second project year include:

Developments of the AHA! project can be followed on the AHA! website, at the address

An important task during year 2 will be publication and public relations. AHA! 2.0 is currently being announced and introduced to people who used or studied AHA! 1.0. During project year 2 we will stimulate these people to try AHA! 2.0 and raise their attention to AHA! 3.0 developments.
Meanwhile we are setting up a project (currently intended as STW proposal) to deploy AHA! in an e-commerce setting, and a collaboration with Ordina to deploy AHA! in a "knowledge portal" setting. Such projects can be used as showcase to attract other "customers" for AHA!


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