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[The A-A-P Project -- concluded on 2003]

The A-A-P project intends to provide a series of tools for developing, distributing and installing software. The two main programs are aap (a replacement for make) and agide (the A-A-P GUI IDE).

The agide program provides a portable framework to combine existing programs. Agide provides interfaces between editors, viewers, debuggers, cross referencers, etc. These are used connect any editor to any debugger, without the need to implement every combination. Agide relates to many existing tools and adds the glue to make them work together.

A central element is the A-A-P recipe. It is a powerful replacement for Makefiles and shell scripts. The Aap program is used to execute the recipes. It can be used for building software, version control, maintaining a web site, installing ported software, and much more.


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