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GPRS/EGPRS support in Osmocom CNI for Ericsson RBS

While some parts of the world are phasing out 2G and 3G networks, the deprecated base stations get a second life in other parts. However, usage patterns have changed: while at the time people were mostly satisfied with phone calls, these days internet access is key. The Osmocom project allows to run a fully open source stack on old base stations. This project will implement GPRS and EDGE support. Especially the latter is important as it allows to deliver much higher bit-rates per radio channel, resulting in a threefold increase in capacity and performance compared with an ordinary GSM/GPRS connection. These refurbished and decommissioned base stations are the primary platform for community-owned-and-operated rural cellular networks such as those operated by Telecomunicaciones Indigenas Communitarias (TIC AC) and Rhizomatica.

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