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Telecommunication in HF using the Internet Protocol (IPoHF)

[Telecommunication in HF using the Internet Protocol (IPoHF)]

This project will develop a software-defined wireless telecommunications system optimized for IP transport on the High Frequency (HF) band for very long distance links using ionospheric propagation. The system will be composed of a software-defined modem with different bandwidth options and modulation variations, which can adapt to propagation conditions and spectrum availability. The media access control and data-link layer will be developed with a focus on optimizing the transport of IP packets for lower latency and higher throughput. IP-based services performance on top of the proposed system will be evaluated and tuned. Also, security aspects will be considered for a secure automatic link establishment procedure. In order to provide the highest possible throughput when considering the available spectrum, a cognitive channel selection and link aggregation sub-system will be implemented. The software stack will be designed to be easily integrated to any wideband HF transceiver paired with an embedded processing unit, while the IP-based network applications will need no modification. Rhizomatica has designed a wideband HF transceiver to take advantage of the proposed software.

Run by Rhizomatica

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This project was funded through the User-Operated Internet fund, a fund made possible with financial support from the PKT Community/The Network Steward and stichting Technology Commons Trust. Your donation is welcome too. Applications are still open, you can apply today.

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