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Theme fund: NGI0 Entrust
Start: 2023-04
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Data and AI

Data packages

Specification + improved tooling for external data set descriptions

Frictionless Standards are lightweight yet comprehensive open standards to help data publishers and consumers to create and use data. The standards include Data Package to describe a dataset, Data Resource to describe a data resource, File Dialect to describe a file format, and Table Schema to describe tabular data. They can be used together within a data package, like when providing a data API within an open data portal, or separately as building blocks for other standards or metadata catalogues, like Table Schema catalogue for public data models. The ultimate goal of Frictionless Standards is fully aligned with the FAIR principles: Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse of digital assets.

Run by Open Knowledge Foundation

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This project was funded through the NGI0 Entrust Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology under grant agreement No 101069594.