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Theme fund: User-operated Internet Fund
Start: 2021-08


Versatile OS for ARM-based single board computers

ARM-based single board computers, first popularised by the Raspberry Pi, have resulted in an ever increasing ecosystem of small computing platforms that are low-cost yet increasingly powerful. This makes them popular with many computer enthusiasts and electronics tinkerers, also in low-income regions of the world. Armbian Linux provides an actively maintained and optimised Linux operating system for these devices, based on the Debian family of operating systems. This uniform base allows the devices to function as e.g. a router, the core of a 3d printer or as the heart of a low-cost laptop. Armbian has a unique custom image building tool. In this project, the Armbian community will create a new generation of armbian-config - the critical core component that configures the hardware and software features.

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This project was funded through the User-Operated Internet fund, a fund established by NLnet made possible by financial support from the PKT Community/The Network Steward and stichting Technology Commons Trust. Your donation is welcome too.