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News in 2003

  • 2003/11/12: NLnet supports CAcert with €1,000 to build a Web of Trust for the Open Source community by creating a World-wide network for free authentication certificates.
  • 2003/10/31: The Ambulant/M Player is released by the Ambulant project. This is not a complete SMIL implementation, yet.
  • 2003/10/10: Zimbu Awards (project A-A-P) for Adriaan de Groot, Rui Lopez, and Jörg Beyer.
  • 2003/08/26: Stichting NLnet supports the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) financially in its actions against European Software patents.
  • 2003/08/13: The ReX exchange program between Lund and ISI produced two new articles:
    • PARSHA-256: A New Parallelizable Hash Function and a Multithread Implementation. download PDF.
    • Efficient Software Implementation of LFSR and Boolean function and its application in nonlinear combiner model. download PostScript
  • 2003/07/18: ALIAS published its final paper, report IR-CS-004: ALIAS, Analysing Legal Implications and Agent Information Systems.
  • 2003/07/07: A-A-P releases version 1.0, and celebrates it with contest ("Win the Zimbu Award") and a presentation on OSCON2003. More in this progress report.
  • 2003/06/12: Project BIND DLZ (Dynamically Loadable Zones) has recently released drivers for both Berkeley DB and ODBC databases.
  • 2003/05/29: SeRQL (Sesame RDF Query Language) released as component of Sesame version 0.9
  • 2003/04/18: Sesame releases v0.1 of their IsaViz plug-in, the W3C tool for editing RDF data.
  • 2003/03/18: A-A-P releases Agide version 0.1. Agide stands for the "A-A-P GUI IDE".
  • 2003/02/07: The Mail::Box project will be extended till October 2003. Final report on the completed first phase.
  • 2003/02/04: A-A-P release 1.0 will be earlier then previously planned: now expected in July 2003. The updated project plan gives more details.
  • 2003/02/04: Intermediate results of the ReX researchers exchange project between Lund and ISI (resp. Sweden and India) to develop a software oriented stream cipher for secure communication over networks.
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