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Internet Hardening Fund

Review Committee

As part of a subsidy by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, in recognition of a motion in the Netherlands parliament by Kees Verhoeven, NLnet has installed a Review Committee for the Internet Hardening Fund. This "Toetsingscommissie" is dedicated just for the Interhet Hardening Fund, and consists of three independent experts from the internet and open source field, academia and the public sector. The committee is appointed for a period of one year. The committee receives no remuneration for its work, and its members have no other economic interests with the Internet Hardening Fund and/or links to NLnet Foundation as the organisation behind the fund.

The Review Commitee receives the outcome of the selection process, and independently validates that all the projects that are selected are indeed eligible for the Internet Hardening Fund, budgets are frugal, and that there are no other concerns.

The three members of the commitee for 2017 are (in alphabetical order):

Member biographies

Leon P. Kuunders, CISA CISM CISSP

From the start of the commercial internet age Leon Kuunders has been actively involved with internet technology and internet security. The last decade he has operated as a consultant for his employer Trusted-ID, and has been a strategic advisor and implementor of identity and access management strategies within the Dutch governement. Leon is married, has six children and lives in the city of Gouda.

Drs. ing. Niels Sijm

drs. ing. Niels Sijm is the system engineer of the System and Network Engineering Master's program at the University of Amsterdam, and a freelance web technologist under the name of IT Doesn't Matter. He has been building web applications for over ten years, with special interest in and care for web standards and interoperability. Niels has been working with a wide variety of people, both inside and outside IT, ranging from artists and hackers to startups, small businesses, and academia, favouring projects that contribute to society. Apart from engineering, Niels has been teaching (web) technology at various educational institutions.

Bert Wijnen

Bert Wijnen is a highly experienced and active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), where he is has chaired various Working Groups. He has served as an IETF Area Director (in OPS and SUBIP). He is credited as an author on 30 RFCs. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees at Internet Society. He is a former board member of NLnet. His working experience includes Research engineer at the RIPE-NCC, Senior Manager Internet Standards at Alcatel-Lucent and Senior Consulting IT Specialist at IBM (where he worked for 28 years).


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