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Announcing the NGI0 Speaker bureau

Invite our experts to your event

We are happy to announce the launch of the NGI0 Speaker bureau. The Speaker bureau serves as a liaison between experts of the NGI Zero ecosystem and event organisers. If you are interested in bringing the next generation internet to your event, we invite you to go to the NGI0 Speaker bureau page. You'll find a list of speakers and a form to invite them to your event.

NGI Zero's mission is to contribute to a open, resilient, human-centered internet for all by supporting the development of free/libre/open source software and hardware, open standards and open data. We're a consortium of not-for-profit organisations, each with a specific area of expertise to make the digital commons more robust. The NGI0 speaker bureau liaises to bring these experts to your event.

FSFE Legal Education Workshop

In addition to speakers the Free Software Foundation Europe also offers the Legal Education Workshop to learn about Free Software from a legal perspective. We'll tell you more about this in the workshop section on the Speaker bureau page.

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