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Last update: 2004-01-12

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software for e-mail handling in Perl

Mail::Box is a module for the Perl programming language, which implements scripting of e-mail handling. The goal for the Mail::Box project, as sponsored by the NLnet Foundation, is to get more people involved in the development of this module. Besides, it will contribute to quality improvements of the existing code.

The NLnet Foundation supports:

  • extensive checking of all code against the standards, as described in RFCs;
  • creation and promotion of a Mail::Box mailing list;
  • search for operating system specialists to port and maintain the module for their OS;
  • search for participants in development of the module;
  • attempts to phase-out older e-mail related modules from CPAN;
  • bug-fixes and other daily maintenance during the time span of this project.

Project Mail::Box

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