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ISC BIND 9; organization and status

[Development of BIND 9 -- concluded on 2001/05]

The BIND 9 development is performed by the Internet Software Consortium and its subcontractors. Funding for this work has been contributed by a variety of computer system vendors, ISPs, the US government and Stichting NLnet. Stichting NLnet has contributed a total of € 347,562 towards BIND 9 development.

The first full release of BIND 9, 9.0.0, was released in September 2000. Follow-up releases 9.1.0 to 9.1.3 appeared in January 2001 to July 2001, while the most current full release, 9.2.1, appeared in May 2002. Work is on-going on 9.2.2 (bug fixes) and 9.3.0 (new features).


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