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support for the Free Software Foundation

In the past fifteen years, GNU software has proven to be of fundamental importance for many Open Source software projects. Many projects would never have been imagined or started without the availability of GNU software tools. Also, the example set by the GNU licensing model GPL is eminently important for the development of publicly available software technology.

The Free Software Foundation, guardian of the GNU project, has played and continues to play a very important role, even though the GNU system may appear complete (but isn't really). New projects are still being started (e.g. GNOME), and new versions of previously developed software are being distributed.

Due to its principally non-commercial base, the Free Software Foundation can only exist thanks to donations and volunteer work. A financial contribution is therefore a good way to support the work of the FSF. There is a tendency to take the work of the FSF for granted, but this is detracting from the efforts which are necessary to keep this prolific software source flowing.

The relationship between the activities of the Free Software Foundation, such as the GNU project, and the goals of Stichting NLnet is indirect. NLnet is generally focussing on the stimulation of the development of specific network (internet) technology etc. In the case of GNU and FSF, network technology is not always directly involved. However, the core technology of GNU, as embodied by gcc, gdb and the GNU software development tools for example, is of crucial importance for the development of publicly available network (internet) technology and deserves the support by NLnet because of its exceptional position.

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