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Last update: 2007-12-08

CAcert Service Moved

support for CAcert

The CAcert certification service has outgrown its service hosting facility in Sydney, Australia. The CAcert service had to be relocated on very short notice, and was --as intermediate solution-- moved to Austria. Expected is that at the end of March 2007, CAcert will be rehosted in a permanent new facility in The Netherlands.

The dutch foundation "Stichting Oophaga" was erected in February 2007, dedicated to maintain CAcert as highly reliable and highly secure service. Hardware and maintenance was donated by BIT (the secure internet service provision), SUN/AMD (4 servers), Tunix (two servers and two firewalls), Cisco (two switches), and NetApp (NAS disks). Financial and administrative support comes from HCC, the foundation Stichting NLnet, NLUUG, and IAE.

An auditing process was initiated to ensure that sufficient security measures are on its place for the CAcert services.

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