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Last update: 2007-12-08

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[Teus Hagen] The "Web of Trust" of CAcert has really got momentum. On almost all major Open Source events, CAcert Assurances are taking place as a rather organised social happening. Some recent events: NLUUG Conferences, EuroOSCON, KDE hackathons, TOSti (Tilburg NL), OSS multimedia event, LinuxWorld, HCC-dagen, Lisa'05 and ApacheCon. For some of these events, NLnet was the initiating factor.

A special Dutch CAcert web site contains information for novice users. The HCC (Dutch Computer Club) Association is the first to receive a CAcert "company" certificate. On LinuxWorld, Ivana Belgers gave a presentation on how to use (CAcert) Digital Certificates and how to do assurances.

The Web of Trust is currently increasing at a rate of 2500 new users per month. In November 2005, there were 42.000 CAcert users. CAcert's goal is to have PGP Signing and Digital Certificate Assurance meetings taking place as social part of any major event. As such, widening the Web of Trust much further.

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