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CAcert at the HCC Dagen

[Robert Kochheim, november 2004]
As a follow up on the CAcert activities at the SANE 2004 conference, the HCC Unix user group created a CAcert booth at the HCC Dagen event.

Like with all of these conferences we started with good hope and prepared well with 300 empty forms, and assurers from NLUUG, NLnet and HCC Unix manned the booth. That was wrong! In three days more than 1750 assurances were made and over 200 new Dutch assurers were added. To put this number in perspective the current list worldwide count only 800 assurers.

Many HCC groups have adopted CAcert and will help to expand the web of trust by assuring users at their local meetings (these are open for public). In line with that, a website has been registered to give Dutch support and documentation (


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