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Last update: 2007-09-10

End: 2003-01


analysis of legal and technical implications of the use of software agents

The ALIAS project studies the legal and technical implications of the use of software agents, by combining the expertise within:

  • The Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems Group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This group's research focuses on support for the development of large scale intelligent, interactive, distributed systems. This includes middleware (AgentScape), services (an agent factory and directory services), applications (distributed information retrieval and distributed design).
  • The Computer Law Institute at the Vrije Universiteit studies both the legal implications of the use of IT and the prospects and limits of using IT for legal practice. Agents are one of the key research issues.
  • The Center for Law, Public Administration and Informatization focuses in its research on legal implications of Information and Communication Technologies, regulatory issues concerning ICT and reconceptualization of law in light of developments such as dematerialization, de-territorialisation, de-identification, and a loss of human involvement.

Stichting NLnet is fully sponsoring this two-year research project with an estimated total cost of € 188.120. Besides, NLnet is also funding one of the partners in this research project, the IIDS group.

  • 2003-08-15: Conclusions at the end of the ALIAS project. more > >
  • Report IR-CS-004ALIAS, Analysing Legal Implications and Agent Information Systems, which concludes this ALIAS project. .pdf (829 kB)

Project ALIAS

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