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NGI webinar on conflict-free replicated data types

The future of collaborative editing and communication

This free online event on March 8 from 10 to 12:00 CET organized by NGI Assure explores research and development of conflict-free replicated data types (CRDT). Open source software projects discuss how these structures contribute to secure, privacy-friendly distributed approaches for essential use cases like real-time collaboration.

More than ever, we have come to rely on tools and services to communicate and collaborate over the internet. Unfortunately, many of these applications and services are built around a single provider holding all the data and doing most of the computing work. This has led to a range of privacy and security problems, including single points of failure, massive data leaks and extensive activity tracking and personal profiling.

A less centralized and more cooperative way to organize these essential use cases is to distribute the work as well as the data across systems. To ensure consistency and data integrity, data structures like conflict-free replicated data types offer a way to update independently and concurrently across distributed, collaborating systems. Today CRDT's are used for a wide range of purposes, including real-time collaborative note-taking, distributed databases and streaming applications.

Fault-resistant and privacy-friendly distributed computing can serve as a solid foundation for more trustworthy ways to work together online. That is why the Next Generation Internet initiative funds various research and development efforts that investigate these possibilities of conflict-free replicated data types. In this freely accessible online webinar CRDT-projects funded by NGI Assure discuss their ongoing work and think about the future of distributed computing and collaborative editing.

Webinar recording and presentation slides

View the online session below, provided by ConfTube, a PeerTube-instance dedicated to conferences and community events content.

Agenda with links to slides

  • George Svarovskym-ld: Collaborative editing of Linked Data based on CRDT (slides)
  • Yousef El-DardiryTypeCell: CRDT-based collaborative block-based editor
  • Nik GrafNaishio: Efficiently combine end-to-end encryption with CRDTs
  • Santiago BazerqueHyper Hyper Space: Cryptographically secure append-only distributed data layer(slides)

Propose to NGI Assure

Are you interested in CRDT's, distributed computing, or do you have another great idea to provide strong assurances online? You might want to have a look at NGI Assure, and apply for the next deadline. The goal of NGI Assure is to support free and open source projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet as part of a complete, strong chain of assurances for all stakeholders regarding the source and integrity of identities, identifiers, data, cyberphysical systems, service components and processes. After the main discussion, we will tell you how to apply, and answer any questions you may have about eligibility, how the granting procedure works, etcetera.

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