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Prof. Christian Grothoff on GNUnet, R5N and Anastasis

GNUnet and NGI

GNUnet is a comprehensive effort for decentralized, peer-to-peer networking. It is used as the basis for a number of other interesting technologies, such as GNU Taler, Anastasis, the GNU Name System and many others.

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GNUnet & NGI
Thursday Sept 23rd 2021
13:15 - 13.55

In this 20 minute talk, followed by Q&A, prof. Christian Grothoff (project lead of GNUnet) will present the ongoing work of the GNUnet project that is currently working on various initiatives, from the core decentralised overlay network via secure payments, key backup mechanisms to the R5N-DHT project that is currently working on providing a solid specification of the R5N protocol that aims to combine the best traits of all existing DHT technologies out there, like Byzantine fault tolerance and censorship resistance. Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) can be found in many places, and play a significant role in many decentralized web applications like IPFS, Bittorrent and Freenet. He will go into the technology, the advantages and how it supports other efforts such as the GNU Name System protocol (GNS).

This online webinar was held on Thursday September 23 at 13.15 CEST. The event was organized using BigBlueButton, an open source webconferencing framework which is actively supported by NGI Zero to add end-to-end encrypted chat.

Portrait of prof. Christian Grothoff
Christian Grothoff is a professor of computer science at the University of Bern. He earned his PhD in computer science from UCLA in expressive type systems for object-oriented languages. His research interests include compilers, programming languages, software engineering, networking and security. He also is the primary author and maintainer of GNUnet, GNU's peer-to-peer framework, and GNU Taler. Together with Florian Dold he published RFC 8905.

This session is part of a one hour Q&A webinar aimed at potential applicants of NGI Assure. The grant programme organisers will share relevant information and answer questions about the objectives of the call, how to apply and how the granting procedure works. Want to take part in the whole session? Simply join the online webinar fifteen minutes earlier, on Thursday September 23 at 13 CEST.

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