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Next Generation Internet webinar on Linked Data

Semantic web and metadata solutions

In this free online event, projects from across the Next Generation Internet universe present their state-of-the-art work on Linked Data and other forms of metadata. The event is organised by NLnet foundation on June 21st 2021 at 9.30 CEST. The webinar brings together innovative projects advancing the state of art in Linked Data. These efforts funded by various funding programs of the Next Generation Internet initiative (NGI Zero, NGI DAPSI and NGI Pointer) will share their progress to extract, add and use worthwhile metadata to our data and online information.

Linked Data is a broad field of research and development that aims to make digital information more structured, interlinked and meaningful (or "semantic") — to computers but also to humans. This can for instance enable more personal and insightful search engine results, insights into complex data sets but also new avenues for online social networking (for example, the decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub powering federated communities uses Linked Data. NGI projects are working on the technical and infrastructural hurdles to overcome before everyone can benefit from these richer online experiences.

The Next Generation Internet initiative covers various funding programs for research and development that makes online technology more resilient, trustworthy and sustainable. Together these funding programs support a wide range of projects aiming to utilize Linked Data for a human-centric internet. For example, among the hundreds of projects supported by NGI Zero (which consists of two complementary grant programs to improve search and discoverability and develop privacy and trust enhancing technologies) there are various innovative free and open source efforts to advance the state of art in Linked Data.

During this online session a range of projects funded by the Next Generation Internet initiative will discuss their progress using, extracting and manipulating Linked Data and discuss how this field of research and development can move into the future. These projects received support of NGI Zero, NGI DAPSI and NGI Pointer.

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Webinar recording and presentations

View the online session below (provided by, a PeerTube-instance dedicated to conferences and community events content.

Links to presentations and slides

Webinar agenda

Presentations (10 min)

  • Jean-Luc DorelDirectorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
    Discussing how the Next Generation Internet initiative and other programs of the European Commission can advance research and development
  • Jos van den OeverNLnet foundation
    Presenting the Next Generation Internet initiative and how research and development can advance Linked Data
  • pukkamustardopenEngiadina and DREAM
    Mashup between semantic knowledge base and ActivityPub-social networking and development of data models enabling peer-to-peer group collaboration
  • George Svarovskym-ld
    Software technology for live collaborative information sharing
  • Niall McCarthyCorteza
    Open source low code application development solution

Lightning talks (5 min)

  • Aurelie HerbelotPeARS
    Low-resource web search applications from cognitive models
  • Tom HaegemansSolid-Shape
    Implement open source registry of linked data shapes and forms
  • Ben de MeesterPROV4ITDATA
    Provenance-aware querying and generation for interoperable and transparent data transfer
  • Michiel de JongPDS Interop
    Open source Nextcloud app to turn Nextcloud server into spec-compliant Solid server
  • Luca RoffiaDASI Breaker
    Semantic open interoperability solution
  • Loïc DacharyFedeproxy
    Online service to federate forges (prerecorded presentation)

Discussion, questions and answers (30 min)

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