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NGI Zero Review Background information

Who is behind this?

NGI Zero Review is a significant effort by a large group of organisations, run in conjunction with other NGI Zero programmes:

  • Association for Progressive Communications - A global network and organisation that strives towards easy and affordable access to a free and open internet to improve the lives of people and create a more just world
  • Center for the Cultivation of Technology - A charitable non-profit host organization for international Free Software projects
  • Commons Caretakers - A not-for-profit service provider for the development of Commons
  • Free Software Foundation Europe - Association charity that aims to empower users to control technology.
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences, dept. Inclusive Design & Engineering - one of the core competence building centres of accessibility in the Netherlands, with significant in-house expertise on accessibility auditing.
  • NixOS Foundation - Foundation supporting development and use of purely functional configuration management tools, in particular NixOS and related projects
  • NLnet Foundation - Grantmaking public benefit organisation founded by pioneers of the early European internet
  • Radically Open Security - Not-for-profit open source security company
  • Tolerant Networks - a Trinity College Dublin campus company focused on robust interoperable communications mechanisms for extreme and unpredictable environments, which delivers its standardisation experience.

In addition we collaborate with:

  • Accessibility Foundation - Center of expertise on accessibility of internet and other digital media for all people, including the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Translate House - Develops and implements open source localization solutions
  • ifrOSS - Provides not-for-profit legal services and studies in the context of free and open source software

The money for this is kindly provided by the European Commission DG CNECT, as a support action to the various NGI programmes. We offer various complementary services to improve the quality and inclusiveness of free and open source projects, and make them more sustainable where possible by supporting the most promising ideas through an elaborate 'pipeline' of supporting activities that live up to high standards (sometimes called 'walk the talk') in terms of security, privacy, accessibility, open source licensing compliance, standardisation, etc.