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Interested how zero-leak search works? Check out the explanation below.

How does zero-leak search work?

Our search takes place entirely client-side, in the privacy of your own browser. Normal search engines 'leak' your search behaviour to the owner of the site, or potentiall even to a third party. With zero-leak search, this does not happen. How can this be? Well, we deliver everything to you, and let your browser do the work for us.

More detailed explanation

In the background a textual sitemap of our entire website is downloaded to your device. That sounds huge, but in terms of modern data usage this is neglible because text is so efficient. Even though we have a quite sizable website that is over 20 years old, such an index takes less space than a single photo from a modern smartphone. After that, the rest of the magic happens on your local machine through some small pieces of Javascript created by the Searsia team. We don't have a clue what you precisely are looking for in our website - and we think that is something to be treasured. This should work well on most browsers, but if it doesn't do let us know.