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News in 2005

  • 2005/11/23: Revision 2005 of the official policy document (html, pdf) details the targets and strategy of the foundation for selecting new projects.
  • 2005/09/29: NLnet supports SANE 2006 with a guarantee of €40,000 and an interest-free loan of €40,000. NLnet is happy to join forces with USENIX, SURFnet and NLUUG for the fifth SANE conference.
  • 2005/09/28: O'Reilly's OnLamp magazine published an interview with Richard Stallman, discussing GPL and especially GPL3 development (article), covered by NLnet project GPLv3.
  • 2005/09/12: Annual report of the foundation Stichting NLnet over 2004: html and pdf.
  • 2005/08/12: The KDEPIM-NL meeting was very fruitful, as can be read in the report
  • 2005/06/16: New project: "The DNS: Life of a Protocol" (LOAP), writing a book with a technopolitical analysis of the life of the Domain Name System.
  • 2005/06/10: CAcert presented itself during NLUUG and KDE-PIM meetings, growing the community. Application is being extended with external security tokens. Status report
  • 2005/06/09: Status report for Ambulant. Software release version 1.4. The software will be integrated into AMIS DTB; a multimedia player for blind users. Two presentations at the Holland Open Source conference.
  • 2005/05/25: New project CodeYard launched, which aims to engage pupils into Open Source development.
  • 2005/05/03: NLnet sponsors KDEPIM-NL, a meeting of developers of KDE's PIM application.
  • 2005/03/12: Stichting NLnet donates €5,000 to the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) to support its anti-software patents lobby and activities.
  • 2005/04/11: Stichting NLnet continues as a Patron of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFe), donating €10,000 in 2005.
  • 2005/04/11: Stichting NLnet continues as a Corporate Patron of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), donating US$ 18,000 in 2005.
  • 2005/03/16: New project Turtle, a peer-to-peer architecture for safe sharing of sensitive data.
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