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News in 2004

  • 2004/12/22: Annual report of the foundation Stichting NLnet over 2003: html and pdf.
  • 2004/12/13: press release () Public organizations and open source companies protest in an open letter () to the Dutch Government against an upcoming mega-deal between the Government and Microsoft.
  • 2004/11/12: The Foundation Stichting LogReport will continue its activities as volunteer driven project LogReport.
  • 2004/09/13: Globule released version 1.2, with full Windows support and the first version of "disconnection master operation".
  • 2004/07/27: NLnet supports the deployment of Globule on Windows.
  • 2004/06/04: Project BIND-DLZ announced that phase 2 is completed with the release of a new high performance driver. Work continues on the DLZ project.
  • 2004/04/23: Ambulant has released the "Ambulant/X Player", which supports nearly the entire SMIL 2.0 specification. The player is available for Linux, Linux/PDA, Mac OSX, Windows, and WinCE. SMIL demonstrators and custom installers are included.
  • 2004/03/31: Project Sesame has reached an important milestone with the release of version 1.0 of their high-capacity flexible platform for storing, querying, and manipulating RDF and RDF Schema.
  • 2004/02/17: NLnet Labs released NSD version 2.0.0: an authoritative only, high performance, simple, and open source name server. New is support for DNSSEC. Announcement
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