EC publishes study on Next Generation Internet 2025 2018/10/05

Bob Goudriaan successor of Marc Gauw 2017/10/12

NLnet Labs' Jaap Akkerhuis inducted in Internet Hall of Fame 2017/09/19

NLnet and Gartner to write vision for EC's Next Generation Internet initiative 2017/04/12

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs donates 0.5 million to "Internet Hardening Fund" 2016/12/16

Vietsch Foundation and NLnet cooperate in internet R&D for research and education 2016/09/28

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In addition to its open call NLnet foundation manages a number of thematic funds that contribute towards an open information society in specific areas, in collaboration with partners such as The Commons Conservancy, G√ČANT and Vietsch Foundation. It does so by sponsoring projects and other relevant activities.

This shortened form can be used to request (financial or other) support for a project within one of our thematic funds. It assumes you have had prior contact with us. If you do not know which thematic fund you should apply for, we advise you to apply for the open call. The procedure is identical other than the length of the form, but for a project we have not worked with we would otherwise lack certain information.

Also do please check out our privacy statement about how we deal with your information (should be a pleasant surprise, actually - we really care about your privacy. We will use your contact details to contact you, and we are happy to try and accommodate alternative methods.

Contact information
Name of requestor
Email address
Phone numbers
General project information
Project name
Website / wiki

Please be concise and to the point; add longer descriptions as attachments, if you wish.

Abstract: explain the whole project.

Requested support
Requested amount  
Which parts of the project will NLnet's contribution be used for:

Attachments: add any additional information about the project which may help us to decide, for instance a more detailed project description.

     send me a copy.
We will contact you within a few days. Alternatively (or in case of urgency), you can contact us during business hours (UTC+1) at +31-20 8884252.


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